Product Name : Special Patented Screw
Product Description

Special Patented Screw
WIsdomCLF – E1901

(Dual Flat Countersunk Head, Nibs Star Drive, Spiral Based Auger Threads, Sharp Point Screw)



Slot Shape

The Star Drive supports applying force over a larger area, reducing the destructive radial force.

It can prevent excessive torque while driving the screw, which can cause the screwdriver to slide or deviate.  This feature can reduce the damage to the screw head and the screwdriver.


Head Shape

“Dual Flat Countersunk” head design can allow the screw to sit flat on or below the wood surface, maintaining a flat profile.  The dual head design can prevent the head from snapping due to excessive torque while driving the screw.

The specially designed claws beneath the screw head has better bite force to pull the screw head closer to the wood, preventing the screw from loosening.


Auger Thread

It can reduce the friction and resistance generated when the screw is driven, buffering the driving torque and preventing the wood from splintering while screwing.


Thick Auger Thread

The special cutting thread of this screw can eliminate the debris generated when the screw is driven, preventing screw failure during driving.


Spiral Based (Neck)

The spiral based (neck) is the highlight of this patented screw, surpassing the traditional Type 17 screw function by changing the traditional cylindrical shape to the spiral shape.


It can reduce the resistance during drilling, minimize wood chipping and improve the drilling experience.  It is suitable for various types of wood, especially for wood with high density and hardness.  It can overcome the situation where a drill is needed to drive a traditional screw through the wood.


This feature also reduces the splintering of the wood and the snapping of the screw, saving the craftsman time and labor.